Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wong Solo (Far East Plaza)

The attractive splash of green and orange screams "Come in to the shop NOW!" Nonethless, Wong Solo was very quiet on a weekday afternoon despite the lunchtime crowds in other shops in Far East Plaza. Is there something about this shop that I ought to know? Regardless, I ventured in.

The Ayam Bakar ($6.90) was delightful. The skin wasn't too charred and the marinate was sweet. I liked the fact that the taste of the marinate went through the meat as well. The chicken meat was also easily torn apart. The rice was supposed to be pandan rice although it didn't have a very strong pandan flavour. The chilli was also spicy and appetising.

My only gripe about this place is that they prepared the tomato and cucumbers much earlier than we placed our orders. Plates of cucumbers and tomatoes were just left in the open even though no one had made any orders. Honestly, I would rather wait a few more minutes for my food than eating food that has been left in the open for so long.

Wong Solo
Far East Plaza
Tel No: 6 235 0523


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