Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ice Cream Gallery (Tanjong Katong)

Girls always have a secret compartment in their stomachs for dessert, no matter how full they may be. 

We headed to Ice Cream Gallery since they hung a large banner outside the shop claiming that they were the winner of an ice cream showdown. We read the Straits Times article stuck on the glass panels which stated, "The white, pulpy flesh of the prickly green fruit is usually more sweet than is sour." Somehow, I speed read through it and actually assumed it was referring to durian, instead of soursop. 

Only one table was occupied when we first entered but it slowly filled up till there were no more seats.  

We got a double scoop ($5.50 + $1 for Mao Shan Wang flavour). After a while, all the famous ice cream shops seem to be rather uniform- generally good ice cream flavours with a good mix of local flavour (durian, soursop etc.) The range of ice cream here seems to be more limited though. The Belgian Chocolate ice cream was good although the Mao Shan Wang was a tad too sweet. 

All things being equal, I would encourage you to visit Tom's Palette instead, simply because it's more flexible by allowing you to have two flavours for one small cup ($3.20) plus student discounts are available throughout the day. 

Service was below-average to average- cashier looked like she wasn't interested and the girl who scooped the ice cream looked rather impatient. There's another ice cream shop just a few shops down and I might try it another time.

Ice Cream Gallery
242C Tanjong Katong Road
Tel No: 6348 6535 


Try daily scoop if u get the chance. @ sunset way or holland.

noted! :) heard about it before but i'm not often in that area. but if i'm there, i'll try it!

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