Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ga Ya Geum

I do not understand why all the shopping centres in Bukit Timah look so run-down when it's supposedly a rich man area. Nevertheless, it's the little gems contained within the shopping centre that matter more! We decided to have lunch at Ga Ya Geum, which apparently refers to a Korean traditional zither. 

The lunch set is pretty worth it. $9.90 for a platter of appetisers and a main. 

The appetisers were nothing to shout about. I had never seen macaroni being part of a Korean appetiser before and I felt that the mayonnaise was a little too overpowering. My favourite anchovies were sadly missing from the platter. 

I got the Grilled Chicken Set ($9.90). I  prefer the one at Kim Dae Mun because of the sweeter sauce. Nonetheless, it was quite a generous portion of tender chicken with a bed of beansprouts and cabbage beneath it. 

My friend had the Sundubu JJigae Set ($9.90) and review of this dish and photo is kindly provided by her!
"The 순두부 찌개 (sundubu jjigae) had a generous amount of soft tofu in it and a little seafood (shrimp and mussel to be specific). The spice level was just right and the soup was very flavourful and refreshing. Loved it! The banchan was very limited and not impressive - kimchi, macaroni salad, pancake and beansprouts. Was most disappointed with the beansprouts because they use mungbean sprouts instead of the soybean sprouts that are normally used in Korea, plus it wasn't very well marinated either. But the table across us that don't order the set meal got the full set of banchan, guessing that that was probably better."

This was the Sunsal Chicken (Small) ($18) with spicy soy. Although we couldn't really taste the spiciness, the chicken had a very crispy exterior with an addictive sweet sauce over it. To describe how good it was, you had to see the reaction of my two small-sized friends chomping on the deep fried chicken like it was the yummiest thing on earth. I have never seen them finish their food so quickly once upon a time when we ate crappy food in the university canteen. 

I suppose the lady serving the food was the lady boss. A motherly figure, she didn't understand much English. But she was still friendly and very helpful. One friend asked her if she had chilli sauce and she took some time to figure out what my friend was talking about. Another friend said, "Gochujang!" The lady boss's face lit up instantly and gave two thumbs up to my friend.

Food wise, I think it was pretty ordinary although the Sunsal was quite good. Worth a visit if you are looking for somewhere affordable, chill and has good service.

Ga Ya Geum 
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Tel No: 64638011


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