Sunday, December 16, 2012

T&K Seafood (Bangkok)

We decided to visit T&K Seafood since it seemed like a really popular seafood place in Chinatown. We reached around 6 plus pm which was a good timing because it got really crowded soon after. 

We had the option of sitting outside or inside. We chose to sit inside because of the sweltering heat. On hindsight, this was a bad decision because the poor service of the guy serving our floor totally ruined our dining experience. 

The Grilled Prawns had a nice smokey flavour to it but was unfortunately a little dry.

After the Steamed Fish arrived, they lit the burner below it. The meat quality of the fish was good but was lacking in flavour probably because the sauces did not manage to seep into the fish. 

I read some blog that said that the Stir Fried Water Morning Glory was a must order. Wondering what was so special about the vegetables, we decided to get a plate, only to realise that it was in fact kang kong. Fried with lots of garlic, this plate of vegetables was pretty ordinary. 

We also got a plate of Fried Rice which I thought was pretty good despite having minimal ingredients. The eggy flavour complete with wok hei and clearly separated bits of rice made it delightful.

Unlike the Grilled Prawns which had nice prawn juices despite being slightly dry, the Grilled Squid was completely lacking in flavour.

The Crab Tang Hoon was quite worth it. Lots of crab parts provided (not shown in picture) although they are not the crabs with plump succulent meat that you can find at the East Coast seafood restaurants. The tanghoon was sweet and moist. Overall, this was a pretty good dish. 

The Tom Yam Soup was quite spicy and had fish, squid, prawns and mushrooms in it.

The bill came up to around $11 per person which is quite a steal considering the amount of food. Another good thing about this place is that the food was served really quickly so that you don't have to remain famished for that long. However, the service was thoroughly lacking as the guy who served the third floor had a really bad attitude. The people at the outdoor tables seemed a lot friendlier.

T&K Seafood 
49-51 Soi Phadung Dao
Chinatown, Bangkok


MUST go to Somboon Seafood for their curry crabs! No trip to BKK is complete without trying that. It's unique to BKK and cannot be found in SG. Just be careful not to go to the imitation ones that collude with dishonest taxi drivers to scam you. Somboon only has 5 branches and their addresses are here:

actually i read your post on somboon before going to bangkok and was really tempted. too bad we had someone in the group who couldn't eat crab and we decided not to tempt her with a huge portion of super yummy crab. the next time i go bangkok again, i'll try it! thanks for the recommendation! :)

aww! what a waste u didnt get to go there! next time then!

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