Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pete's Place

This place should be called Peter's Place instead of Pete's Place. Remember Peter Rabbit? It's mainly rabbit food here if you don't order the mains. 

There are two options for buffet lunch: 1) salad buffet + soup + mains + dessert ($28++) or 2) salad buffet + soup + dessert ($22++). We were contemplating whether to get the mains and decided not to, since the standard of the mains would probably be the same as the standard that we had encountered so far- ordinary food with nothing impressionable. We probably missed the whole point of this place by getting the salad buffet because apparently this place serves really good Italian fare.

We started off with soup: Mushroom soup and minestrone soup. I had a few servings of the hearty, delicious soup but things started going downhill from here. 

There's a fair selection of bread. Probably left there for quite some time, the bread was cold and unappetising. I know of some who love the bread selection here but I don't share their sentiments. The focaccia bread, one of my favourite breads, tasted rather flat. 

This is the counter where you could select your mains such as pasta etc. You do not need to decide whether you want the mains at the beginning of your meal. Take a look at the mains first before deciding whether to pay more for the mains!

This is the salad section. I thought there was a very limited choice of ingredients for the salad. Noting the price of the salad buffet, I might be better off going to a salad shop getting better and more interesting ingredients.

Dessert is always the part I look forward to. There was once again, a very limited range of dessert- tiramisu, chestnut cakes and chocolate pudding with brandy. I only tried the tiramisu and didn't really like it because there was too much cream in proportion to the sponge fingers- matter of personal preference. 

Overall, the salad buffet was a disappointment. Very overpriced considering that the food range was limited and there were no premium ingredients to justify the price.  Service was efficient and polite.

Pete's Place 
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Tel: 6 681 6689 


This place def needs a revamp.

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