Saturday, December 8, 2012

Strangers' Reunion Cafe

As someone who doesn't drink coffee or have brunch often, it must be pretty strange that I ended up at Strangers' Reunion Cafe on a weekend morning.

I completely do not know how to appreciate coffee so it comes as no surprise that I didn't know that the person who handles the coffee here is a two-time national barista champion. It probably doesn't make a difference to me though since all coffee tastes the same to me. Yes coffee lovers, feel free to roll your eyes. 

Sometimes, when nostalgia kicks in, all you can think of are the sights and smells that once surrounded you. The smell of coffee, the smell of food being prepared, the selection of music- everything just reminded me of Panera Bread, a place I used to visit whenever I was too lazy to cook.

We settled for a cosy little corner. There are paintings on the walls and I suppose they are for sale since prices are indicated.

I didn't try the Hot Chocolate ($5.50) and the Buttermilk Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh Fruits ($8.50) but they surely looked pretty. The people who drank/ate them said that they were yummy although the one who drank the hot chocolate commented that the one at Starbucks was better.

I know most people just have their famous Magic coffee/waffle/cakes, but I decided to have the Scrambled Eggs with Sauteed Shrooms ($15). Scrambled eggs were cooked just right and the mushrooms were nicely seasoned- they were a little dry though. Other than that, I liked how everything came nicely together. Some places have issues with English muffins where it can end up a little tough but there was no such problem here.

I heard it can be really crowded on weekends but when we went on a Saturday morning, it was pretty empty till we left. Most servers weren't friendly, with the exception of one guy who was very pleasant. It's a nice place to hang out and enjoy the music and the food. Bad reception within the cafe, which is a good thing so that you can't check your phone! I also love the little pots of flowers on each table!

37 Kampong Bahru Road 
Tel No: 6222 4869 


It's ok not to be so crazy abt coffee, I can't quite appreciate coffee either!

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