Monday, December 24, 2012

The Square (Novotel) (Bangkok)

It's quite amazing what a few hours of non-stop shopping can do to you. That was precisely what happened and being so lazy, we decided to dine in our hotel. Of all the meals we had, this had the best ambience and the worst food. The restaurant was empty throughout our dinner and this is probably indicative of the quality of the food. 

We opted for the Thai Set Menu which was 450++ Baht for 2 people. You had a choice of starters, soup, main course and a dessert. 

We chose the Grilled Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and the Deep Fried Vegetables Spring Roll. All the dishes are for two to share. The satay was less flavourful than those we are used to although it's tender. The spring roll tastes rather standard.

This Tom Yum Goong was an absolute disappointment. Couldn't imagine a Thai restaurant not doing this right since it's such a popular dish. It was so salty that I didn't finish the soup.

The Sweet & Sour Fish went perfectly well with the Jasmine Rice. I think it's fascinating how different cuisines have their special brand of rice. India and basmati rice, Japan and their short grain, sticky rice, Thailand and their fragrant Jasmine rice etc.

The Sauteed Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce was a very meh dish and not worth a mention.

The Steamed Sea Bass with Lemon & Chilli Sauce was small in portion. Nonetheless, the fish meat was very smooth and was accompanied by a sour, sweet and slightly spicy sauce. Isn't that always the best combination for an appetising sauce?

We ate Mango Sticky Rice all three days we spent at Bangkok. It's not possible to get this dish wrong.

The food took quite long to be served. Servers were friendly. Food was so-so. Do yourself a favour by dragging yourself out to eat instead of staying in the hotel!

The Square
Hotel Novotel Bangkok Platinum
220 Petchaburi Road


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