Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kith Cafe (Park Mall)

Somehow, brunch always goes right with this particular friend. Once, it was at Wild Honey where I had the insanely good Tunisian breakfast, another time it was at Penny University which had affordable brunch options. This time, we found ourselves at Park Mall. 

I had the Chicken Mushroom Sandwich ($12). My philosophy towards dishes containing mushrooms is give me plenty of them, sautee them well and the rest doesn't matter anymore. Indeed, the mushrooms were lovely and the grilled chicken was juicy. The thing that was unfortunately wrong in this dish- the chips! Been kept for too long and tasted a little stale. 

You may have to share tables with others as the queue list can get quite long- if you are okay with sharing (indirectly) you life stories with the stranger next to you or listening to that stranger's life stories (i heard that they are doing theatre studies), then why not! 

Park Mall
9 Penang Road
Tel No: 6 338 8611 


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