Monday, May 21, 2018

Thus Coffee

One scorching weekday, I somehow hatched a grand plan to head to Thus Coffee in the sweltering heat. The cafe provided a cool respite, with a nice and cosy ambience to boot. 

I wasn't feeling particularly hungry and ordered the Baked Eggs & Toast ($14). This reminded me of my favourite Wild Honey breakfast- Tunisian. Like Tunisian, the tomato stew was tangy and refreshing, and was slightly spicy. It was a match in heaven with the healthy toasted multigrain bread and had pieces of chunky apple cider sausage topped off with a sous vide egg.

Although I felt tempted to order dessert here, I felt that the prices were on the high side and decided to let the money in my piggy bank stay intact. Otherwise, this was a nice afternoon spot to relax and enjoy some good food.

Thus Coffee 
4 Jalan Kuras
Singapore 577723
Tel No: 8411 7565 


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