Friday, May 20, 2011

Chef Chow's House (Boston)

I came to this place three times. my first opinion of it was, wow what good food! But the second time, it was like, hmm not bad. The third time, i was rather disappointed with the lunchtime special. I suppose it has to do with the price differentials. Lunch time special is a lot cheaper compared to dinner.

I think the quality of the food fluctuates a lot, depending on what you order. For example, the mandarin crispy shrimps were really good, but the sweet and sour chicken wasn't that good. I would rather they used the sauce for the shrimps, for the chicken as well.

The lunchtime specials are also nothing to rave about. we ordered a chicken and cashew nuts and shrimp with assorted vegetables. They were nothing compared to the dinner options, although I won't say that they tasted bad.

the soups (hot drop) and appetizers (crab rangoon) were not bad though.

for this value (approximately $7 before taxes and tips) it's rather worth it.

Rating: 3.5/5

Chef Chow's House
230 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02446


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