Friday, May 20, 2011

King's Noodle (Toronto)

I came here at 2.30 pm after several recommendations. I saw the dough fritters at the front of the store and decided to get one. Besides that, I also ordered the bbq pork noodle (char siew noodle).

The dough fritters were horrible: oil was oozing out of it and it was not crispy at all. it was so bad, i left half the plate alone.

the bbq pork noodle was much better. the meat was just right- not too tough, with some fats but not fatty. the broth was also light, and not oily.

but i had a problem with the service in this restaurant. one particular waitress was really rude. so one of the waitresses placed a tray of three bowls of bbq pork noodle on the table, then rested her arms on the table. i assumed that she wanted me to take it, cos she wasn't taking any action. turns out that she was resting, and pushed my hands away when i tried to take a bowl. seriously??

but for the food, fine!

Rating: 3.8/5

King's Noodle
296 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M5T 2E7


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