Friday, May 20, 2011

Jojo Taipei (Boston)

Jojo Taipei is a place in Boston you should totally go if you are craving for Taiwanese food or more generally, Chinese food. I had been there twice and both times, the meals were really comforting, as though transporting you miles home. 

The first time, we ordered Spicy Smelly Tofu Hotpot ($10.99). According to my friend from China, it's still not that smelly, until we tried those from Hunan in China. I'm not a fan of smelly tofu, but the spiciness of the broth managed to tone down the smelliness of the tofu.

And then there was the Sauteed String Beans ($8.99), which was pricey considering that it's just vegetables, but yummy nonetheless.

Everybody loved the Three Cups Chicken ($10.99) as well as the 小龙汤包 ($6.99).

However, views were divergent about the salted crispy pork ribs. While I loved eating the salty crispy stuff surrounding the pork ribs, my friends didn't like it at all.

Even for a person who doesn't eat scallions, I actually loved the Scallion Pancake ($3.99) because it was crispy on the outside and chewy in the outside. (Of course, after removing all the unfriendly green things in it.)

It's good to go in a big group, so that the costs can be shared out to try a little of each dish! It's not cheap, but definitely worth a try!

Jo Jo Taipei
103 Brighton Ave
Allston, MA 02134
Tel No: 617 254 8889 


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