Friday, May 20, 2011

Shanghai Gate (Boston)

i went to this place with a couple of friends because another friend was totally raving about it.

well, i judge a place based on how good it's dough fritters (youtiao) are. i absolutely love the dough fritters here. they are just like what i ate at home, and are not exceedingly oily, like many i have eaten in boston. furthermore, it doesn't have that weird taste that many dimsum shops have.

i have gone there twice. the first time, we ordered xiaolongbao, wonton, mapo tofu, sliced ginger fish and paradise chicken. note: i don't like ginger, but i loved the sliced ginger fish! everything else was also very tasty! the xiaolongbaos were the highlight of the day- my japanese friends totally lost it after taking a bite of it. it's a popular dish that's very often ordered in the restaurant.

the paradise chicken was also a hit because anything deep fried tastes nice right? i'd think an overdose of deep fried chicken can be rather scary though!

the wontons were ordered were good as well!

the second experience, while still good, was not as good as the first. perhaps because there was only two of us, and we couldn't order as much as we would have liked to. the fish tofu had very little slices of fish. as for the crispy tofu, i didn't really like the pink sauce that accompanied it.

tip: pay in cash if you don't want to pay 10% more!

Rating: 4/5

Shanghai Gate
204 Harvard Avenue
Boston, MA 02134-4619


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