Friday, August 24, 2012

Lian He Ben Ji Claypot 联合本记煲饭

Armed with a list of famous food to try in Chinatown Complex, we ended up at Lian He Ben Ji Claypot 联合本记煲饭 because it was the only one still open at 730 pm. The people seated at the tables near this stall seem to be eating only one thing- the Claypot Rice. You get to see claypots lined up and cooked over charcoal. 

Different kinds of claypot are available. We opted for the Sausage Claypot ($8, other options include $5, $10, $12 etc.) Honestly, what did I not like about this? Nothing, really nothing. The chicken was moist, the rice with sauce was fragrant, the sausage was sweet- nothing to fault. Scrapping the sides of the claypot is always the best part of eating claypot rice. Scrape the sides and you get a non-charred crispy layer of rice with a light burnt taste. Scrape the bottom of the claypot and you get a charred crispy layer.

If you are really famished, don't queue for this because there's a long wait (at least 30 minutes)- it takes time for the smoky taste to permeate the dish! Or you could order the BBQ seafood next door while waiting, it smells incredible too. Claypot rice is not on my radar normally, but I have to say this stall sells pretty amazing claypot. 

Lian He Ben Ji Clay Pot Rice 联合本记煲饭
Chinatown Complex Food Centre
335 Smith Street
Tel No: 6227 2470 


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