Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ma Maison Restaurant (The Central)

The table we were seated at Ma Maison had very good views of the Clarke Quay area. Another friend and I stopped talking because we got distracted by the lights of the G-Max Reverse Bungy. 

Nice ambience within the restaurant with a very cosy feel. I especially liked the table cloths- flower prints. Not your conventional mono-colour table cloths.

Having read reviews about the Cuttlefish Ink Spaghetti, I decided to have it!

Looking slightly unappetising, the Cuttlefish Ink Spaghetti ($15.90) was a first for me. The last time I ate anything remotely squid ink was at Skinny Pizza. Anyway, I found the squid ink too salty for my liking. It smelt really good though. At $15.90, I would have expected more ingredients, instead of the pittance of cuttlefish with some mushrooms in it. The spaghetti was cooked al dente. Note though, to wipe your mouth constantly and to have a cup of water, or you will be flashing black lips and black teeth.

Overall, the food isn't much to rave about. I have conflicting thoughts about the service. On one hand, there's this Japanese guy who's extremely friendly and helpful. On the other hand, there's this other guy who was pretty condescending. As I walked out, I told my friends, "Oh my goodness, that guy sure was, ... what's that word?" "Snobbish," my friend said. If you want to have a romantic date, here's a good place at a relatively affordable price.

Ma Maison Restaurant (The Central)
The Central @ Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Tel No: 6327 8122 


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