Monday, August 27, 2012

Caffe Pralet

Trying to act like the young cool crowd who flock to Tiong Bahru, we decided to up the level of coolness by going to a place which is not as popular as places such as Tiong Bahru Bakery or Orange Thimble. Okay fine, it was because the rest were incredibly crowded. We arrived at Caffe Pralet which is a cafe opened by Chef Judy Koh, who conducts baking lessons as well. 

I got my hands on the  Signature Pralet Cake ($5.50). Here's a pricing guide which is not updated because the price of the cake has increased by a dollar. The cake is packed with chocolate goodness- rich chocolate mousse made from French dark chocolate, piled above a layer of crispy hazelnut waffle and lastly adorned with a piece of edible gold paper. 

I haven't found a person who doesn't like the texture of the crispy waffle. I know a few people who love the Coco Exotic from Four Leaves precisely because of the crispy layer. 

The only negative thing is that the richness gets into you after a while. It's a matter of personal preference, just like how people can eat nutella non-stop from the bottle itself. I think I would require medical attention if I did that. 

My friends also tried other cakes and they all agreed that the cakes here were good. Apparently, the Green Tea Grateau is also something that you shouldn't miss in this cafe. Service wise, exceptionally fast service. After ordering the cakes at the counter, the cakes get delivered even before you make your way back to your seats. To quote a friend, "Wah! The cakes just mysteriously popped up so quickly!" I think Caffe Pralet is a good place to hang out for some peace and if you want to avoid the crowds at the other Tiong Bahru cafes.

Caffe Pralet 
Eng Hoon Mansions
17 Eng Hoon Street
Tel No: 6223 5595 


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