Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saboten (Parco Marina Bay)

I have heard that Saboten has one of the best tonkatsu around. So one day we decided to hop down to Saboten to see if it's true! 

Located in the rather unhappening Millenia Walk, this place was rather empty when we went at around 1230 pm although it was subsequently full. 

There was a main menu and an additional menu, featuring the items on the Ebi Katsu Fair. 

We decided to go for the Loin Katsu Set (M) ($19++) only because the picture was featured so prominently in the menu. The set came with free flow of cabbage, rice and miso soup. The rice was good Japanese rice instead of those pseudo Japanese-rice-wannabe. The cabbage was also shredded finely and alleviates the guilt of eating some deep fried stuff later on.

The fun thing is that you can add dressing to the cabbage. Dressings include sesame sauce and the orange skin sauce. That's what the waiter said anyway. I preferred the sesame sauce with the cabbage. 

Then, it's grinding sesame seeds time! Later, this will be mixed with the plum sauce, to dip the pork in there! As you grind the sesame seeds, you can smell whiff after whiff of the sesame goodness!

Here's the star of the show. It was very crispy but strangely not greasy. There is a thin layer of fats surrounding the meat and the rest of the meat is pretty chewy.

Caution: For those who do not like to eat the chewier kinds of meat, go for the tenderloin instead. I found the loin a little too hard for my liking.

Lastly, there's green tea ice cream. It tasted pretty milky with the green tea tasted relegated to the background. Not my cup of tea (or scoop of ice cream, for that matter).

If you are someone who likes crispy stuff without it being greasy, then this is for you! While the price might appear a little steep, I think it's for all the free refills. If I ever go there again, I'll go for the tenderloin instead of the loin! Friendly service with efficient refills.

Millenia Walk
Parco Marina Bay
9 Raffles Boulevard
Tel No: 6 333 3432 


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