Friday, August 3, 2012

The Vines Seafood & Steak Restaurant

I haven't gone to The Vines Seafood & Steak Restaurant for some time, primarily because it's rather out of the way. But after nearly a decade of not coming here, I came back again and the price of the set meals remain as ridiculous as ever- ridiculously cheap. Apparently they are going to move out soon because the developer is going to use that plot of land for other purposes. 

On a weekend, the lunch crowd was pretty decent although I heard that it can get really crowded on the weekdays. Lots of interesting posters on the wall.

Here's the daily menu if you are interested in their set meals. Starting from $8.80, you can get yourself a soup with garlic bread, a main course, coffee/tea and dessert.

The garlic bread was crispy but the soup tasted pretty much out of the can.

I ordered a Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce ($8.80 for set). Two big pieces of grilled chicken accompanied with some long beans and mashed potato.

I'm not going to be dishonest and say that the food here is worth raving about. But at least the food is edible and will fill you up well. If you are looking for somewhere with an interesting restaurant setting, good service, decent-enough food, music like 'Uptown Girl', cheap set meals and food that makes you full, here's the place. It's worth your every dollar.

The Vines Seafood & Steak Restaurant
Novena Ville
275 Thomson Road
Tel No: 6 2552838 


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