Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cafe Brio's

It's a known fact that I love eating buffets. The more I eat, the clearer I am of which buffets really stand out and which are those that should never be visited. Cafe Brio's was average at best. 

They had quite a bit of local food. This was the nasi lemak station. I took a bit of rice try to test if it's good, didn't waste my calories on the deep fried items. The rice was a little dry and not fragrant enough.

They also had a laksa station situated outside- that was good. Slurp worthy laksa soup and a small enough portion not to overeat!

They also had chilli crabs which is not often seen at lunch buffets, unless you go for a crab buffet. As with all chilli crabs, the crux of it lies in the sauce. This, unfortunately, didn't make the cut. The crabs were pretty fresh though.

There were also other deep fried items such as You Tiao Squid. I think they failed to put the typically served mayo next to it.

I promise you will regret if you tried the fish and chips. No matter how alluring they may look, these fish and chips were pretty horrible. The fish didn't taste fresh.

Make your own kueh pie tees- these were pretty good!

These prawns were so fresh, people just kept coming back for more. Juicy and succulent, I think this was my favourite dish of the buffet.

The Japanese sushi tastes as sad as they look.

Desserts were a complete letdown. It was sorely lacking in variety. There weren't many fancy-schmancy cakes around here. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw cupcakes- they looked like what primary school students would make out of a pre-mix. Needless to say, I didn't try them. The kuehs were decent and the durian thingy was quite good- they didn't get refilled as quickly as they got taken though.

I'm quite sure I wouldn't return here again with the $42++ price tag for lunch on weekends. For $10 more, I definitely can get something much better. That said, service was good and plates were cleared from the tables quickly.

Cafe Brio's
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
392 Havelock Road
Tel No.: 6 233 1100


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