Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chocolate Origin (Bugis Junction)

I held high hopes for Chocolate Origin - after seeing this name repeatedly pop up on food blogs, I was happy that I came across one of their branches while doing some other errands. 

The Cuppa Lava Cake ($5) was inexpensive, considering that you get a lava cake plus vanilla ice cream! Touted as a "heavenly treat made up of cold vanilla ice-cream bottom and warm chocolate cake top, with hot pulsating lava oozing out from the inside", the lava cake failed to impress.

My friend thought the vanilla ice cream tasted cheap- there was no richness in the ice cream. I don't usually eat vanilla ice cream so I can't really pass a judgment there. While the lava cake was decent, it didn't have the "wow" factor.

Chocolate Origin 
Bugis Junction
230 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021
Tel No: 6 337 1220 


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