Friday, January 3, 2014

Da Paolo BistroBar

There are lots of lovely eateries in Singapore that are surrounded with lush greenery- too bad these places are often too atas! Since it is the holiday season, we decided to march down to Da Paolo BistroBar at Rochester Park. 

There is an outdoor and indoor seating area. Since the weather was cooling, we opted to sit outside.

As we wanted to share the food, we decided to go on a pizza streak. First up was the Red Wine Braised Pork Belly ($30). Everybody loved this pizza. This reminded me of Peking Duck pizza from Timbre (which I really like!). Covered in wild rocket (it's all an illusion to make your food look healthier), the pork belly was soft and obviously fatty. Together with the balsamic reduction, this made a very delicious pizza!

The Cajun Chicken Pizza ($28) was up next. While it promised a "spicy buffalo sauce", this simply wasn't spicy enough. Plus it was far too salty!

Since we were not full after the first two pizzas, we decided to go for the vegetarian option- Pizza Mascarpone ($28). Drizzled with aromatic truffle oil, this pizza was a very safe choice- mushrooms with anything always works well- pity there weren't enough mushrooms though! 

Everybody raves about the Tiramisu ($13) here. A couple of years ago, the tiramisu at Fullerton was always a special treat for me. Now, the tiramisu is still good but lacking some of the spark. While this tiramisu was creamy with shaved dark chocolate and soaked in coffee, this just didn't strike me as being so good that I'm missing out on something if I didn't try it.

A relaxing ambience with good service. Good food and nice place to chill.

De Paolo Bistro Bar 
3 Rochester Park
Tel No: 6 774 5537 


too bad abt the truffle pizza. my friend's been bugging me to try it because of the truffle oil, but they are really quite stingy with the shimeiji, aren't they?

love the truffle oil but not enough shimeji to give a real kick to the pizza!

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