Saturday, January 18, 2014

MOF @ My Izakaya (Bugis Junction)

Gone were the secondary school days where a few of us would go to Bugis Junction during the school holidays to meet up. Having not gone to Bugis Junction for quite some time, I realised that it has undergone quite a bit of revamp. 

Ministry of Food takes up a pretty large floor area and it was fully packed at dinner time. 

The first thing that hits me is how extensive the menu is. Which made perfect sense for me to save on time on flipping the menu and instead ask my friends who were there earlier what they were getting and simply follow suit. And like the good old days, the favourite phrase we used when we were young- they chime "copycat..."

I got a Soft Shell Crab Pasta where you could choose the sauce and type of pasta you wanted. This was surprisingly good and very filling. The soft shell crab while crispy and hot was not greasy- and a generous portion at that!

MOF @ My Izakaya (Bugis Junction)
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Tel No: 6 338 6466 


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