Thursday, June 2, 2011

Atlantic Fish Company (Boston)

I mentioned to a friend, if one day I ever strike lottery, I will come to this place to eat everyday.

I have eaten here twice, and I was blown away both times. I can't really remember much about the first time, because I think I just ordered a simple fish and chips plus a key lime pie.

It was the second time that really blew me away. I came here during the restaurant week and I had the following: fish stew, seafood wok salad and signature key lime pie.

I don't normally enjoy fish stew. But this fish stew was brilliant. The fish was as fresh as it gets, with a yummylicious broth!

The seafood wok salad was tangy with the Asian sauce. The prawn and scallops were also really succulent and juicy. The vegetables in this dish make sure that you leave the restaurant slightly more guilt free, than if you had eaten something else!

The key lime pie stole the limelight. I loved the smooth consistency of the pie, and how it was not too sweet. Beware: Skip the dollop of whipped cream if you don't want to add more inches that you have already added through this meal!

Rating: 4.5/5

Atlantic Fish Company
761 Boylston St
(between Exeter St & Fairfield St)
Boston, MA 02116


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