Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lai Lai Casual Dining

We entered Lai Lai because the set meals looked pretty worth it. There was a 2-person set meal for $28++. It included your choice of claypot meat, vegetables, some side dish (we ordered deep fried sotong), 2 drinks, 2 bowls of rice and 2 bowls of soup.

the claypot herbal chicken was pretty good, although the portions were a little small.

the rest of the dishes were so-so. the sotong's batter wasn't the awesome kind of deep-fried batter, the veggies were very ordinary, and the soup was a tad oily.

The highlight of our meals were supposed to be our drinks though. We were highly anticipating it, because the waiter made it sound like it's the most awesome thing ever. Well, the banana kiwi was not bad. But the coffee hazelnut (i think) was far too sweet.
Although the food didn't live up to expectations, if you are looking for food that is relatively cheap, and will fill you up, this may be the place to come. Plus the service is good, the waiter who served us had good knowledge of the menu.

Rating: 3.7/5

Lai Lai Casual Dining
Nex Mall
23 Serangoon Central


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