Thursday, June 23, 2011

Singapore: Ondeh Ondeh

Seriously, I have never figured out how to spell ondeh ondeh. Everybody pronounces it as oneh oneh. Whatever the case, I have had a few mishaps with ondeh ondeh. But having mishaps with ondeh ondeh is a good thing- it proves that it's a good ondeh ondeh.

Ondeh ondeh are small round balls, made of glutinous rice flour or sweet potato. Pandan juice is added into the dough, and gula melaka (palm sugar) is added into it. Then it is rolled with grated coconut.

How to tell whether it's good ondeh ondeh? When you take a bite, and the juice spills out like lava erupting from a volcano (bad analogy). In any case, this explains my mishaps. I have had the gula melaka juice spilt all over my clothes a few times. That sweet burst of gula melaka- yum yum.

I tried doing some ondeh ondeh that day, and it was quite easy to do, minus the fact that it took quite some time! But no silly steps and fuss free! Click here for the recipe.

Personally, I like the ondeh ondeh from bengawan solo. It takes skill to make ondeh ondeh that small but still have so much juice bursting out!

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