Thursday, June 2, 2011

Petit Robert Bistro (Boston)

I was reluctant when my friend asked me to go along with her to this place because I had heard about it and although I knew that the food was going to be good, I was worried how it will make a hole in my pocket.

Surprisingly, it was actually really cheap! It came with fresh baguettes before our main meal.

I ordered smoked salmon croissant for lunch. The croissant was the usual buttery goodness, but I especially liked the smoked salmon. There wasn't the usual salmony taste that I didn't like. Instead, the smoked taste was pretty strong and it was a great accompaniment to the croissant.

My friend had a duck confit and she loved it!

Besides that, can I just mention I love how cute the little Eiffel tower outside the restaurant looks?

Rating: 4/5

Petit Robert Bistro
468 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215


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