Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eating Animals

After reading this book, I stopped eating meat for three days but that was about it.

Not to be mistaken for a bad book, this book was in fact very well researched and backed up by credible research. It does not preach about vegetarianism, but it lets you make your own informed choice after learning the truth about the industry. Foer manages to present facts in an objective manner, coupled with his own experience in trying to sneak into animal farms to see for himself the level of cruelty engaged in farming animals. That's honestly quite some courage, because who knows what the farmers might do to him if he gets caught. If farmers can kill a cow that way... you draw your own inferences.

The book left me uneasy at times, and sometimes I just had to stop reading because the images conjured in my mind, based on his descriptions was gruesome beyond words. The process of slaughtering animals, the manner of rearing them, the processing of the animals all prove that they are bad- whether for you or the animals. Foer also discusses about the mutation of animals because of human's indulgence, which invariably caused diseases such as H1N1 to reach the human population. It also changed my idea of how all along, I thought it was just land animals that were being harmed. I didn't know that fishes could be the subject of all these harm too.

It's a great book for those who need the tipping point to push them over to vegetarianism and for those who have no idea what's happening in the animal farming industry.


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