Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Modern Pastry (Boston)

So, the fight is between Modern Pastry and Mike's Pastry. Apparently, Mike Pastry always wins, judging from the queue. But I've eaten at both, and I say, I prefer Modern Pastry!

Why I like the canolis better here than Mike Pastry is because it's smaller- it's easier to eat, and makes you feel less guilty about the calories that you're going to put on anyway (self delusion, I know). I tried the one with the chocolate filling. I like how it's thin and crisp. And somehow the amount of chocolate filling was just right. It didn't make me feel like it was too much, or too little.

While I suppose it's a must try since it's in North End (Little Italy) and everybody raves about cannolis, you ought to take a bite of this too. But honestly, I would rather be eating some good tiramisu in some other restaurant in North End. Nice to try, just for the experience of tasting something new!

Rating: 4/5

Modern Pastry
257 Hanover St
(between Board Aly & Parmenter St)
Boston, MA 02113


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