Monday, June 27, 2011

Canele Patisserie

I don't set foot in places that scream atas. Atas means upstairs in malay. So, atas in urban language, means high class. Canele is exactly the place that will shock you will how atas it looks from the outside. But since it was for a classmates gathering, I suppose I will have to exchange some good conversations for an empty pocket. By the way, the name is so atas then we had some problem trying to figure how to pronounce the first part. (We didn't come to a conclusion.)

The decor inside was really pretty. It had a wonderful colour coordination, and it was a great place for tea. We spent 4 hours there, drinking tea and having cakes. It was a great place to hang out at! (Note the macaroons tree- they tempted all of us to actually have some macaroons!)

My friend ordered a savoury crepe. One friend claimed that it's a two people portion, but the one who actually had it said that it's just enough only for one. Whatever the case, while I didn't try this crepe with ham, egg and cheese, my friend found it delicious.

I had a tiramisu which cost me (I think) around $7. While I loved the flavours, I didn't really like the top layer of the top layer. Plus I think the fingers to form the sponge layer were too soggy. I know they are meant to soak up all the essence, but at the same time, ever since I had eaten the tiramisu in Strega, the texture of this doesn't really come close. I don't know what real good tiramisu tastes like. I only know what kind of tiramisu I like.

My friend had a macha cake. He took 3 hours to complete it. I suppose it could only mean that it was pretty good!

Slightly too expensive for my own taste, but a great place to hang out for tea, nonetheless!

Rating: 4.3/5

Canele Patisserie
Various locations
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road,
Singapore 179103


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