Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill was around a 7.5 hours drive from Singapore, including toilet breaks and meals. It was the beginning of the durian season when we went there, so the roadside stalls weren't stocked up with the durians yet. But, on our way back from Malaysia, we got to try some really good and cheap durians from Rawang!

The roads in Fraser's Hill is rather narrow and are one-way for most of the roads. They have scrapped the old system of opening the roads at different times very recently, according to the caretaker at the place we stayed at.

We stayed at Richmond Bungalow. There are five rooms in the entire place.

The rooms are very huge, with an attached toilet. However, there is a slightly musty smell from the mattress and the room itself. But other than that, the place is very clean. That is because you have to leave your shoes/slippers outside, and wear a pair that the caretaker passes to you.

They also can prepare meals for you. We tried the breakfast and dinner. The breakfast was so-so, but the dinner was pretty good! Apparently, it's cooked by a Hainanese chef! They serve one soup and three dishes for dinner in the living room. There is variation in the food, such as sweet and sour pork, sour fish with apples, vegetables, etc.

There is even a vegetable patch outside Richmond.

The kinds of activities range from bird-watching to walking the trails, to paddling boats, etc. We didn't bird watch because we did not know how to. So instead of watching, I listened! Every morning, the birds would be singing outside.

The Jeringau Waterfall is worth a visit if you just want to walk around and have nothing better to do. It isn't exactly a spectacular waterfall, but still pretty nice surroundings.

If you're looking for a city centre, I'm afraid the below is as much as it gets.
Our main activity was walking the trails. We covered 5 out of 7 trails, but didn't manage to cover the pine tree trail because it was too long for us to cover in 2 days. The most challenging trail out of the 5 was the Bishop Trail. It was difficult for me because I had led a sedentary life for too long. But it's very satisfying after completing the trail.

Plenty of beautiful flora and fauna.

Fraser's Hill is a great place to have a short getaway. There is plenty of fresh air and the walking of trails will keep you more than occupied. Plus the view is beautiful. Just remember to protect yourself from leeches if it's the rainy weather!


Hey. May I know what they served for breakfast? and how many person could fit in a room? Thank you

Sorry but I can't really remember because it's been some time ago! 2 of us stayed in one room.

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