Thursday, July 28, 2011

St-Viateur Bagels

St-Viateur is apparently the king of bagels in Montreal. It's been around since 1957. The first time I ate bagels was in Boston (how ironic given they are most popular in New York). Bagels aren't that popular in Singapore, which explains why it took so long for me to try a bagel.

The Montreal bagels differ from the New York bagels mainly in that the Montreal bagel contains malt and sugar with no salt whereas the New York bagel contains salt and malt. Due to different preparation methods, the New York bagel is puffy with a moist crust whereas the Montreal bagel is smaller (with a larger hole) and sweeter. (Source: Wikipedia)

It was raining very heavily the day we went to St Viateur. A German friend I met at the youth hostel decided to go to the place since it's extremely well known in Montreal.

The portions were so huge, you might as well have it for lunch. That's the problem with carbohydrates, ain't it? Fills you up like nothing.

Anyway, it was a break from the norm. Who ever sees bagels served with rock melon? Plenty of jam to go with the bagels. The bagels were fresh, had a crispy outer layer and a soft interior. Coupled with the delicious accompaniments (mine was jam because I don't eat butter), it was a real treat as breakfast.

But, do heed my advice, this thing is going to fill you up for quite some time. Space your meals out evenly!

St Viateur Bagel
1127 Mont Royal East


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