Thursday, July 7, 2011

Restaurante Fernando (Macau)

Undoubtedly the best meal I had in Macau. Slightly pricey, but for the ambience, for the taste- it's well worth it! Located near the Black Sand Beach (Hac Sa), it's safely tucked away in some corner. It's quite a distance away from the casinos. And the two times we went there, we were told to take the cab. Well, if you're looking at shaving a few bucks off cab fare, you can just take a public bus there. It takes something like 45 minutes from the city centre, but you save $$!

Portugese food- the very thing you need to have when you're in Macau!

The bread is freshly baked, and when i say fresh, i really mean fresh. It's one of the best bread I've ever eaten. Crispy on the outside, fluffy in the inside. To top it all off, it's served hot, with butter! (Not that like I butter, but still, for butter lovers, it's a total treat!)

The prawn is so-so though, we felt like it wasn't too fresh, even though they were rather big prawns.

The next two dishes are certainly worth a mention. One is the cod fish and the other is the roasted pork. The cod fish was very fresh and had a very smooth texture. Although there was a hint of saltiness, it only serve to enhance the overall taste of the fish.

And i'm saving the best for the last. My mother never ever remembers what she eats. She forgets the places she visited 3 years ago, let alone where we ate. But this, she remembers. And the roast pork stays as good as it ever was. The crispy outer skin of the pork, coupled with a layer of fat below the skin, together with the not-dry meat makes a great combination. Although I would say that the skin is really the thing that makes this dish shine through.

But they have a strange rule- no bringing of your own drinks in your restaurant. So we had to buy bottles of mineral water from them which was actually double or triple the price of water sold elsewhere in convenience stores.

But, oh well, will that really turn you away from yummy food?

p.s. check out the wall where people from all around the world put their currencies into the "walk of fame"!

Restaurante Fernando 法蘭度餐廳
Praia de Hac Sa, Nº 9
Coloane, Macau
2888 2264


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