Thursday, July 14, 2011

龙华酒楼 (Macau) (Casa De Cha Long Wa)

We googled places to have good dimsum in Macau for breakfast. And it seemed like the only place that was consistently recommended was this place. It wasn't on the main road, and is located next to some small market stalls.

There's a very 1930s feel about this place, and everything is self service. You wash your own tea cups and chopsticks, take your own dimsum from the tray, and pay for your food at the counter. You can dream on about air-con. It's just natural air here.

There were random bags of tea and other things lying around, giving a very rustic feel to the place! It's like a small little museum on its own, with a collection of the stuff accumulated over the years!

So here comes the food. The food is ridiculously cheap, although I'm not sure how to describe the taste of dim sum in this place. Let's just put it that I like my normal dim sum a little better. The dim sum here doesn't taste bad, but it isn't anything spectacular anyway. I suspect it might just be what what dimsum used to be, and hence it missed out on the evolution. That I don't know, you have to try the food to understand.

Overall, it's a good place to just sit around and take a few pictures of a 1930s looking place. It's not commercialised, just feels very homely. Also, the people at this place are very friendly. The guy at the cashier invited us to walk around the place and just take photos! Sacrifice a little for the quality of the food, in order for you to have a feel of an old establishment!


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