Thursday, July 28, 2011

Singapore: Wonton Noodles (云吞面)

Let me do a disclaimer first. Technically, wonton noodle is not a Singaporean dish. But it is so common in Singapore, you find it at every corner, at nearly any food court or hawker centre.

Wonton noodles is usually served either with soup or dry. Wonton by the way, refers to the dumpling, which can be deep fried or boiled. (It has nothing to do with 'wanton', just in case you were wondering.) Char Siew (BBQ Pork) and some vegetable is normally served along with it. (in the Singapore version)

Now the question is, where do I find good wonton noodles?

I ate at Pontian twice over the last week, once at Far East and once at Marine Parade. And my verdict is that the noodles of the wonton noodles is the best thing of the dish. The wontons are puny, and the char siew is a little too thinly sliced. Three sauce base to choose from: Ketchup without chili, chili or black sauce with chili. Chili was the obvious choice.

The queue is always long, so wait patiently and you shall have your wonton! Apparently, these aren't too authentic though. These stem from their parent stalls in Malaysia, so people say the real good stuff is in Malaysia! But for now, it's probably as good as it gets!

Da Jie Famous Wanton Mee
209 Jalan Besar (Sam Leong Road)
Closed on Public Holiday and Sundays

Pontian Wanton Mee (笨珍云吞面)
Blk 84 Marine Parade Central
Marine Parade Hawker Centre
Several Branches


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