Monday, July 11, 2011

陶陶居海鲜火锅酒家 (Tao Tao Ju)

We asked the concierge from our hotel where to get good chinese food. And he recommended that we go to 陶陶居 to try their traditional cantonese dishes. Apparently, it's been around for seventy years. It took us quite a bit of trouble trying to find this place. It's hidden in a small road, and it's easy to miss. So, keep your eyes peeled when you're walking and you shall be rewarded with good food!

I know the below looks like abalone, but it's not. It's pomelo skin 柚皮. How they make it to the final product, it's for me to know and for you to find out.

This is a crab pocket with prawn 鲜虾金钱蟹盒. The outer layer is pork, and the inner is stuffed with crab meat, prawn, roe and winter melon (apparently).

and this is... i'm sorry i don't know what this is. But it shouldn't be that significant since I can't remember what it was!
This was the dish which left us so bemused, albeit slightly irritated. So there was a confusion between siew yok (roasted meat/pork) and siew awk (roasted duck). And the waitress shouted at my mum who was ordering to pronounce it properly, when everybody at the table heard roasted pork. Oh well, at least the roasted pork was worth it! Crispy and not too salty!

Ultimately, this place serves good food. However, it was a letdown in terms of service. Asian restaurants are not known for requiring tips. However, a waitress was hovering next to us, obviously waiting for tips. Go there for the food, cross your fingers, and hope you have some decent people waiting on you!

(853) 2857 2629


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