Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taste Paradise

Honestly, why settle for mediocre dim sum when there are such good dim sum places here? Two of my favourite places to have good dimsum are: Crystal Jade and the newly discovered Taste Paradise. There used to be another place that I really liked- Neptune, but it has unfortunately closed down.

This place is a good place to refresh your Chinese history. There were paintings of Chinese emperors hung in the restaurant. As you ate, all you saw was: 赵匡胤,李世民 etc. Their little teapot also caused a mini ruckus at our table because well, it was a special teapot!

We ordered many dim sum dishes, and not all of which are appearing in this post, because I was busy eating, more than pressing the shutter button.

The usual suspects were the har gow (shrimp dumpling) and siew mai. The prawns were fresh and the skin of the har gow was thin. I love those thin skins, because it's like this that you can really taste the prawn!

There was also the chee cheong fun. I preferred the prawn chee cheong fun to the scallop one, because I couldn't really taste the scallop in the chee cheong fun. i.e. they must have been really small, because all I knew I was eating was the skin of the chee cheong fun.

Oh these lovely char siew sou. My sister goes gaga over those char siew sou at crystal jade. The ones at Taste Paradise are smaller- but somehow I prefer these! Sweet charsiew, filled in the crispy crust. om nom nom.

And then, there's my favourite egg tarts. Before we reached, my sister made a point to remind us to order the egg tarts. Seriously, why wouldn't anybody love these egg tarts? These little egg tarts and their buttery pastry, served piping hot. These little jewels are expensive though- $1.20 per small piece!

We also ordered xiaolongbaos, pumpkin 锅饼, the deep fried mango roll, custard bun, mango pudding and the aloe vera with lime dessert (along with dry ice).

The xiaolongbaos were filled with soupy goodness, and the deep fried mango roll was filled with lots and lots and lots of mayo with mango and prawns. I didn't eat the custard buns because they didn't really appeal to me, but apparently it tastes really good!

Good dimsum is worth a go, even though it may not come as cheap as many other places.

Update (17 Dec 2011): You might want to visit Canton Paradise, part of the Paradise Group, and newly opened at 112 Katong.

Taste Paradise Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
#04-07 ION Orchard


the service system is ridiculous! I waited for an hour despite informing them of my reservations and that I was already there. They just went down the list of names!

sorry to hear that! I went there quite early that's why I didn't have such problems. Hope the food was good though!

Hi, just to enquire, will dim sum be available for dinner also?

hello! unfortunately dim sum will not be available for dinner. last order for dim sum is at 2 pm, i just called them up to check! (i realised i left out their telephone number- 6 509 9660)

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