Saturday, December 17, 2011

Canton Paradise

I visited Canton Paradise at the newly opened 112 Katong today. It's part of the Paradise Group, which owns Taste Paradise, and the standards do not disappoint at all. In fact, we were speculating whether Paradise Group actually pays more for their chefs because their dim sum is consistently better than other  places.

The colour theme here is purple. What does purple stand for anyway? According to some dubious website I was reading online, purple is the colour of good judgment. It also symbolises magic, mystery and royalty. Perhaps this was why they decided to don this place in purple. 

So, with the usual dim sum stuff we ordered, I really rest my case without even saying anything. Normally I would say, the prawn's not fresh, the skin's too thick, the skin's too hard etc. But today, I really have nothing to say- Good Dim Sum deserves an aura of silence.

Maybe it's because they bribed me over with the mini egg tarts. Buttery and light pastry for egg tarts always score points! 

We also ordered two huge bowls of porridge. The porridge was so good, I was asking my mum whether it was possible to recreate this at home. 

Oh, and just a random nugget. As we shared the porridge, we decided to put it into our individual bowls. But the small bowls totally didn't feel hot at all, and we were thinking whether it was some good quality porcelain plates and bowls. Turns out that the huge bowl (of the same material) actually felt quite hot. But anyway, since we are onto this topic, I think their choice of interesting utensils also show how they break away from the norm and constantly try to reinvent. 

Their star dishes are supposedly the char siew dishes. This plate costs $15. No kidding. For three pieces. But it's actually three pieces split into 15 pieces. And when one of us ate it, he was like, "Eh is this the thing they put in the mee pok hur?" He was obviously referring to pork lard. He's actually not far from that. We later found out that this was PURE FAT. I mean, seriously? PURE FAT. I actually found the sauce pretty nice. But wouldn't order this again although this is their star dish. Even the waiter said that 2 small pieces per person is enough.

We also ordered another char siew dish, which is apparently 1/2 meat, 1/2 fats. Now, this is slightly more pleasing to the ears, and to the stomach as well. Slightly charred, not too charred. They definitely have some secret recipe for the char siew sauce.

In all, the dishes here meet up to expectations. You might have to deal with the waiters/waitresses a little bit though, because many of them seem pretty unfamiliar with the Paradise Group card (three people gave us different information). Talking about the card, you might want to enquire about the card because it's pretty worth it. Our bill added up to around $120 for 5 people, and became around $70-80 because we used the card.

Canton Paradise 乐天小香港
112 East Coast Road
112 Katong
Tel: 6344 8201


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