Sunday, December 18, 2011

Already Famous 一泡而红

The main reason I watched Already Famous 一泡而红 is because of Michelle Chong's involvement as scriptwriter, producer, director and actress. I always thought that her talents are too understated, and that she's much more than your comic actress impersonating Barbarella or Lulu. I read a few of the media interviews she has given over the years, and she comes across as a deeply intellectual person. 

This is a interview of Michelle Chong by Grace and there's a trailer of the movie in it, in addition to the interview.

This is another interview on Primetime Asia on CNA.

This movie is about a girl, Ah Kiao, from Yong Peng, Malaysia, who harbours dreams of being a star in Singapore and how she works very hard towards it. Along the way, she meets all kinds of people, people who get her into trouble, people who don't honour their promises and people who love her (her grandmother and Ah Seng, acted by popular Taiwanese host Alien Huang).

Michelle Chong does what she is best at in this show- imitating the Malaysian Chinese accent in this show, although it has gathered some unhappiness from across the causeway. Besides that, noteworthy performances include those by Chua Enlai, Ah Kiao's grandmother and the chubby boy (who reminds me of the guy who acted in 小孩不笨).

It's interesting to draw a parallel between Ah Kiao and Michelle Chong (who sold her condominium to finance the movie) who both work very hard to seek their dreams. In all, if you are a supporter of local productions, if you value talent, if you are looking for some laughs, go catch the show!

p.s. I was fine with everything in this show, minus the soundtrack when Michelle Chong sang 不放弃. It's obvious she's singing it in the capacity of Ah Kiao but it riled me a little as it sounded too many times in the show.


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