Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Victor's Japanese Delights (日本小吃)

I love Old Airport Road Food Centre to bits and pieces. It's almost as though if you didn't know what to eat and just threw a stone, it would hit a stall where your tastebuds would be satisfied. Nam Sing Hokkien Mee is one of the best hokkien mee around, although I couldn't have it for lunch this afternoon because there was a long wait for it. 

Instead, I tried my luck at Victor's Japanese Delights (日本小吃) and ordered a bowl of Tempura Udon ($5.50) because I was craving for deep fried stuff. 

Anyway, I'm determined to learn more about ramen so ramen experts out there, kindly enlighten me on any errors that I make in this post. Afterall, it was only today that I realised that those fish cake with lovely pink swirls are called narutomaki. Anyway, the ramen had a miso soup base (i think) which was refreshing and not oily at all. The abundance of unidentified green-black stuff (I would like to think that it's seaweed but its texture doesn't feel like it) added to the springy texture of the udon. 

The star of the show- tempura prawn. Another discovery today- apparently the word tempura comes from the word tempora, a Latin word meaning "time period" used by Spanish and Portuguese missionaries used to refer to Lenten period or Ember Days, Fridays and other Christian holy days. (from Wikipedia)

Anyway, this batter was perfect. Light, crispy, not oily. Prawns were fresh as well!

For $5.50, you are getting a steal for Japanese food. But if you are looking for ambience or wishing that you had green tea served to you, then perhaps this is not the place! If you are looking for a relatively cheap place to satisfy your Japanese food craving, then by all means, go to Victor's Japanese Delights!

Victor's Japanese Delights (日本小吃)
Old Airport Road Food Centre
Tel: 97619626


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