Sunday, December 4, 2011

Melting Pot Cafe

This place was so shocking, I don't even know where I should begin. The thing is, I normally don't find  faults with buffets because there is a large variety, and you can pick and choose from whatever you like/don't like. The problem arises when you don't even have a choice.

When you first enter, you are greeted by what you see in the picture below. Pretty impressive, till you get the real picture.

The real picture is that all you have is a salad station, a seafood station (that comprises SOLELY of prawns and mussels), a satay and pasta section where the chefs cook it for you (more gripes to come very soon), a dessert section, a hot food section (curry, chicken, vegetables etc.) and dessert section. The variety was so painfully limited that I was done after two plates. 

The fact that the variety was so limited was worsened by the fact that the food was not replenished. It's not that often that I'll be able to take such pictures of food where it's constantly nearly empty. Afterall, in the better buffet places, the chefs walk around to check whether there's enough food left and the food is always replenished. 

And then there's the satay station. Seriously, you will spend more time queueing for satays than eating at your table. It does not make sense for the plate to be constantly empty. Singaporeans love their satays and this we know. So wouldn't it be more logical to do the satay in the kitchen then bring them out since they will probably be piping hot when swept away? There was this boy and his brother who swept away two rounds of the amount of satay sticks you see below. That's probably about 40 satays. And the rest of us behind are like left waiting, waiting and waiting... 

You know how some times, when you go out with friends, and then they start gossiping about a friend you know, but not that well. Then you really want to find something nice to say about that person because he/she really isn't as bad as they think they are? This is the approach I normally take to writing food reviews in order to provide a balanced view. 

I tried harder than in other entries- and here's it: The black forest cake tasted like black forest cake.

And there's a pretty christmas tree outside the restaurant.

So much for an attempt to write something better. In any case, it was $38++, and therefore around $45 per person for the buffet. Totally not worth it, you are better off trying other buffets like Rendezvous, Spice Brasserie or Asian Market. Service was not bad, but I obviously won't go somewhere just for the service if I could get better food and equally good service elsewhere.

Melting Pot Cafe
317 Outram Road
4F Holiday Inn Atrium
Tel: +65 6731 7172


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