Thursday, December 8, 2011

Out of The Pan

It's really strange how I haven't eaten at Out of The Pan, given that it's been there for so many years. But there's always a first because we were there to celebrate a friend's birthday. There was a 1-for-1 promotion (for savoury crepes) if you use your UOB card. (Please check details for the promotion- I kind of suspect it doesn't apply from Friday-Sunday but I may be wrong.) 

I ordered a Peking Duck Crepe ($15.50). The description stated that it had sambal olek, roasted duck and lychees. I had no idea what sambal olek was, but I just figured that it would be kind of spicy. But the spice wasn't overwhelming. The duck was moist, so that was good. I wished the lychee's taste could shine more in this dish though. I could taste it on its own, but it didn't complement the peking duck as well as it could have. For those who worry about not having their veggie quota fulfilled, there's a heap of lettuce inside (which I love), and a side of salad (the dressing is a little too sour for me). Overall, this dish felt like it was trying to achieve something more than the normal, but didn't really succeed at it. Nonetheless, it was pretty decent.

Service was nothing to shout about. They only gave us iced water upon our second request at the end of our meal. One of them looked like I owed him money, but another lady waitress was very pleasant.

Only go there if you have the UOB Card and you have multiples of 2 to go with you, if you can't share an extra plate amongst the people eating. A friend and I shared the Korean pork one because there were three of us. (The Korean Pork crepe is worth trying, although we did not finish it because we were super full by then.) Otherwise, you could be better off battling the crazy Raffles City crowd somewhere else.

Out of The Pan 
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Tel: +65 6431 6103


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