Sunday, December 25, 2011

Charcoal Chicken Express

I went to Icon Village, hoping to try the fish and chips. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, it was closed on Christmas Eve. So we had no choice but to find another restaurant. We chanced upon Charcoal Chicken Express. It was totally empty in Icon Village during lunchtime, probably because people were shopping for Christmas presents somewhere else. 

Charcoal Chicken Express originates from Perth and apparently the theme adopted is a Mediterranean taste. The Master Franchise was acquired by a Singaporean who adopted green methods by reducing the greenhouse gases associated with traditional charcoal fired cooking method. 

While going green is a good thing, what matters more is the food. I ordered a Hawaiian Roast Chicken ($13.90). It came with chips and pineapple fritters. While the pineapple fritters would have been a cool alternative to the goreng pisang we are all so used to, the deep fried layer of the pineapple was unfortunately soft and a little soggy. The 1/4 chicken was too dry- far too dry. The thing is, if you're going to pride yourself on some cooking method that people can't master, then do it well, please. If it's just going to be dry, then there's no point. The stuffing in the chicken simply tasted of some Italian herbs.

Service wise, the servers were friendly but they seemed a little inexperienced. They didn't have a particular kind of salad that someone at my table asked for, and selectively asked some at our table whether they wanted sauces.

I would not recommend this place at all, because $13.90 is far too much to pay for dry chicken and inexperienced service.

Charcoal Chicken Express 
12 Gopeng St
#01-41,42,52 and 53
Icon Village
Tel: 6 222 1283 


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