Monday, December 12, 2011

SBS Driver Takes Passengers for a Ride

When I first saw this news circulating on facebook, I tried hard to stifle a chuckle. I'm sure if I were on the bus, I would be silently cursing. But the funny part is that the bus driver was unlucky enough to have a reporter on his bus.

According to the news report on Channel 8, the bus driver tried to avoid a traffic jam somewhere and took a different route but he ended up getting lost and left the passengers stuck in the bus for 2 hours. A few people offered to give directions but the driver said that he had to listen to the directions given by the Control Station. 

It's not like I want to start lamenting about how there are continual price hikes for public transport, long waiting times for buses (I don't see how waiting for 25 minutes for a bus is acceptable), and increasing dangerous driving. I recognise the great convenience that the continual improvement of public transport brings, including the Circle Line. 

But, if I really had something urgent, I would need to get to my destination, probably under two hours by bus. Take a taxi, you say? That's right. Oh, but they are revising their fares too! 

Get a car? That's a solution... but COE is now rocket high! 

Best solution: Walk. This is all in the grand scheme of things- you become healthy by walking, you leave no carbon footprints and you can save money too!

As Selina in 小孩不笨 says, "It is all for your own good!" 


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