Sunday, December 25, 2011

Top 10 News 2011 (Singapore Version) (Part I)

With the year drawing to a close, here's my version of the Top 5 News that happened in Singapore in 2011, in no particular order. I wanted to do a Top Ten but could not think of enough to reach 10.

Update (28.12.2011): I have now identified 5 other news, which appear in the Part II installment

1) SMRT breakdown
If you don't know this, you definitely don't stay in Singapore. The headlines regarding this matter were splashed across front page of newspapers consecutively for a few days. The culprit was some dislodged rail claws. Although this problem has since been fixed, when one ingredient goes wrong in the broth, the broth gets thrown out. I think this is how the issue has been advancing, with calls for SMRT chief Saw Phaik Hwa to resign.

While this issue is a a serious one, it has a lighter side where netizens have generated a series of memes. This is in response to the guy who used a fire extinguisher to smash the glass on the MRT door, in order to create some ventilation. In response,  SMRT told commuters "if you are stuck inside a train, never smash the windows or force the doors open".

(photo credit: A TheOnlineCitizen reader)

2) Flash floods
Water is a sign of wealth. But not when it destroys your goods during a flood. This is even though there is a $200 000 flood barrier system and plastic barriers were distributed. The new word to learn is "ponding" as  Public Utilities Board explains.

(photo credit: Alan Seah's Facebook via

Just a side remark, the weather has been going pretty haywire pretty much around the world. Do your part for the earth, as part of your new year resolution. Every effort goes toward making this earth a better place for all of us. When in doubt, recycle, reuse, reduce and refuse

3) Elections- General Elections and Presidential Elections
I didn't get to vote in the General Elections but followed the news very closely. The political winds have started to change direction and the approach taken in the following years will be different from how we are traditionally used to being governed.

The rise of the internet is a double edged sword. Constructive suggestions or comments are good but people have to filter out background noise in order to form their own unbiased views. Even though studies conducted show that the General Election was not an Internet Election, it's important that people use the internet responsibly and not to sow seeds of discontent just for the sake of it.

As for the Presidential Elections, it has got to be the most exciting one ever because for the first time ever, there were four eligible presidential candidates. Something that was highlighted repeatedly, and rightly so, is the role of the president. Aljuned GRC MP Pritam Singh has raised the question of whether it should be mandatory of students to learn about the Singapore Constitution. I think it should be because you need an enlightened electorate in order to make the right choices.

(photo credit:

In any case, the star of the two elections Yam Ah Mee! This video done by mrbrown is quite interesting, and the song is actually pretty addictive.

4) SEA Games Badminton
Fu Mingtian, from the Singapore contingent, won Singapore's first South East Asian Games women's badminton gold. I caught the match on TV and it was a historic moment. Both players played a very good match and it was nearly heart stopping to watch them chase each other's points.

(photo credit: The New Paper, Jonathan Choo)

5) Bedok Reservoir
If you have troubles in life or just want someone to listen, please seek help instead of ending your life in a reservoir. There are better things in life awaiting you.

(photo credit: The Straits Times, Lau Fook Kong) 


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