Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Burning Gaze, Speak to Me Walk with Me: Singapore Art Museum

I foresee a never-ending post that will take forever to write. But, if you'll just put up with me for a little while, I hope you will find yourself finding your way to the Singapore Art Museum. I will write mainly on two exhibitions.

p.s. i'm totally rushing out this post because there is FREE ADMISSION tomorrow (actually all Friday nights) from 6 pm to 9pm and also because these exhibitions are ending really soon. So, if you chance upon this post, please drag yourself there in time for free admission!

1) Hyung Koo Kang: The Burning Gaze (14 October to 25 December 2011)

This Korean artist is well known for his portraits with intense gazes, both of himself and well-known personalities. This exhibition spans two levels and includes caricatures and sculptures as well.

Can you feel The Burning Gaze from these paintings? Apparently he paints the spot of light in the eyes of his subject in a more obvious manner to portray that intensity. 

One of the more quirky ones in this exhibition. Guess who? 

I think it will be interesting to watch the 17 minute video, which introduces Hyung's art. It portrays him as a very intense artist, one who is willing to pursue his dreams and has a slight eccentricity which actually makes him very endearing.

2) Amanda Heng: Speak to me, Walk with me (7 October to 1 January 2011)

This exhibition is not in the same building as the above, but is a stone's throw away at 8Q. I think the works here are provocative and bring across a very strong message.

The following video might be useful in providing a brief sense of what you would expect at the exhibition.

Titled Missing, this is one of Heng's earliest installations that deal with gender issues. This commemorates nameless female babies who are victims of infanticide in cultures where males are preferred.

This is the bathroom which has karaoke facilities, which encourages people to sing and hone their speech skills.

My favourite part of the exhibition is how Heng talks about the role of women in modern day society, tying it up with ideas of disappearing landscapes in Singapore, such as Bukit Brown Cemetery and the Tanjong Pagar Railway.

There's so much more I could say about the exhibitions. But due to time constraints, just troop down to the museum, have yourself burnt by the intense gaze of a Korean artist or be provoked by unconventional art themes! 

By the way, do not expect the Singapore Art Museum to contain works by Monet or Van Gogh- You might want to have a look at Dreams and Reality currently being exhibited at National the National Museum though!

Singapore Art Museum 
71 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189 555
Tel No: 6 332 3222


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