Friday, December 2, 2011

Guide: What to do in Kuala Lumpur in Three Days

The first thing that popped into my mind when thinking of what to do in Kuala Lumpur was shop. The second thing was shop. And so and so forth. Maybe I would insert "eat" somewhere in between the "shop". For the posts on eating, please click here (you'd have to do some filtering though because some of the KL posts do not involve eating).

1) Shop
There is lots of shopping to do in Kuala Lumpur, whether you are targetting the high end goods or the more budget stuff. The most famous shopping area is the Bukit Bintang area. 

a) Lot 10
Lot 10 is linked by an overhead bridge to Sungei Wang Plaza/BB Plaza. Isetan is their anchor tenant. We didn't really spend much time here because things were not particularly interesting or cheap. We spent the most time here at 十号胡同 where we tried different kinds of Malaysian food that are highly recommended, but unfortunately, some of them fell flat of our expectations.  

b) Sungei Wang Plaza & BB Plaza 
We spent most of our time at Sungei Wang and BB Plaza. You can find all types of cheap stuff here including clothes, bags, stickers with your names, DVDs, hair salons etc. For 35 Ringgit (around $14), I managed to get a hair wash, cut and blow. It's pretty massive in there, so make sure you take note of the Lot Number if you want to get back to the stall- otherwise you will just end up getting lost. There are signs that are easy to follow if you want to get back to the stall you were at!

c) Fahrenheit 88 Shopping Mall 
Fahrenheit is a pretty new addition to the Bukit Bantang shopping area. When we entered, it was pretty empty, at least compared to the rest of the shopping centres.

d) Pavilion 
It's pretty happening in Pavilion. It offers mostly high end goods. Nonetheless, there are pretty cool Christmas decorations in there. There is also a wide selection of food, including Tokyo Street. I didn't try the food there, although it seems that Tokyo Street offers the most popular stuff in Japan's retail offerings. So if you are interested in all the Japanese stuff, this might be a good place to take a look.

e) Suria KLCC 
I spent so much time eating here that I doubt if we did any serious shopping here. But there's such an interesting offering of food, that shopping might just be secondary at Suria KLCC! There's Madam Kwan's, Penang Kafe, Tong Pak Fu etc. All the well known eateries!

f) Mid Valley
I can't believe I almost forgot about Mid Valley. Mid Valley is incredibly big (it's a megamall) and there is so much shopping to do. You might want to look at the store directory first before deciding where you want to go. A mixture of stores low mid-range to high end stores here.

2) Petronas Towers 
We didn't manage to get the tickets to the Petronas Towers because it was undergoing renovations at that time. But it should be over by now, do check out their website to see if renovations are completed. If possible, go get your tickets before 8 am or the tickets will all be snapped up. 

3) KL Tower
A visit to the KL Tower led me to the conclusion that it's not worth a look. You decide. It's a bit worn out, the place is small and it really isn't that interesting, unless you are one of those who loves having a helicopter view. Or maybe if you have small children in tow, you might want to bring them to see the animals. But I would have thought a zoo might be a better place to view animals.

4) Chinatown 
This place is famous for all the pirated stuff- handbags, wallets, watches clothes etc. Here is where you need to display your haggling skills. When I first saw the Petaling Street arch (below), I thought of those appearing only in Chinatowns in Western countries. It turns out upon more Wiki searches that this was only placed in 2003. Also, there's a roof cover coverning the street. The street is also human traffic only (with occasional vehicles being permitted to go through).


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