Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moi Lum Restaurant 梅林

This place speaks of homeliness, not only in the dishes they serve, but also the way you are treated by the people who manage this place. It was quite strange because the place was rather empty during lunch time on a Saturday. There were only 4 or 5 tables occupied.

For starters, this place doesn't serve peanuts but prawn crackers instead! 

The crispy chicken is their specialty and it definitely lives up to his name. Crispy exterior and a moist interior- How do they do it? And the skin is not even fatty, so you can console yourself with that fact if you decide to eat the skin. It goes well with the salt or chilli sauce.

We also ordered a plate of broccoli with mushrooms which was pretty ordinary.

Another two dishes we ordered were the salted egg yolk spring roll and the braised pork. I don't really like salted egg yolk but this was quite mild, so that's fine. As for the braised pork, it was flavourful and when I was eating, my mum was like, "THE COLLAGEN, THE COLLAGEN!" No wonder she ordered it.

Overall, I would say that this place is pretty good. We paid around $78 for 5 people for 4 dishes, which is quite decently. I think the food is not bad, but not good enough for me to rave about it. But, coupled with the attentiveness of the people in the restaurant, maybe I will up the lure of this restaurant by one level.

Afterall, when I was fussing over how cool this device is, one of the waiters said, "Go ahead and try it! It's okay!" And then an eruption of "OHHHH" ensued after he pressed it for us to see how it sees, probably because he saw that we were kind of shy to press it just for kicks. This kind of personal touch- priceless.

Moi Lum Restaurant 梅林
38 Maxwell Road
#01-01/02 Airview Building
Tel: 62262283


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