Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marina Bay Sands (Wonder Full- Laser Show)

Well, hear hear. Marina Bay Sands is not ONLY about its casino. (hello, it's been set up for quite some time and I still can't bear to part with the $100 levy for singaporeans.) Besides looking at the very beautiful skyline, you get to enjoy a 13 minute laser display as well!

Here's a official MBS video shown on their website.

Weekday nights are probably a good time to visit this place. Otherwise, i think you should prepare yourself for some crowd.

We viewed the laser show from the esplanade bay area as well. No matter which side you're on, the view's going to be pretty spectacular. Except you would be able to see the laser images if you are on the marina bay side. Seriously, might as well catch both sides? One at 8pm and the other at 930pm. Take a walk along the bay and you'll be treated to some laser business complete with a beautiful skyline! (cross fingers for cloudy/rainy days)

oh, and you wouldn't want to forget your camera.

Marina Bay Sands


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