Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year Eve (Singapore)

Chinatown's the most happening place to be on Chinese New Year Eve. If you are in Singapore, you wouldn't want to miss it, even if it's just to get squashed like sardines, to swear at people who step on your feet and most importantly, to bask in this very important occasion in Singapore.

Chinatown, when it's not Chinese New Year, is your normal souvenir street. But come Chinese New Year, it's dressed in festive colours and sells all kinds of knick knacks that will appeal to both locals and foreigners alike.

A wide range of stuff to do- watching performances, buying Chinese New Year goodies, getting your names carved on traditional Chinese stamps, looking at balloon twisting, bargaining with stall owners, taking loads of photographs etc.

And you are wondering, "Wow, Chinese New Year is so special, you can win a free.. what? Ride in a police car?"

Tips for non-locals:
1) Keep your belongings safe. (although it's generally very safe in Singapore with police observing the crowds from the shop houses above. But it's better to be safe than sorry.)
2) Forget about being polite. You get pushed, just push back.
3) Dress comfortably. I'm used to wearing slippers, but if you can help it, maybe wear shoes to prevent a broken toe nail from somebody stepping on your feet.
4) Be above 1.70m tall. I know you can't control your height, but if you are more than 1.70m tall, congratulations. You now can breathe 1/2 the air more than that breathed by others.
5) If possible, go later so that they start slashing the prices and you enjoy a better deal. 


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