Saturday, January 7, 2012

Warung Cobain (Batam)

A write up about Batam is in the works, but before that, just a few food reviews of the food in Batam! The food's so good, so cheap. First on the list is Warung Cobain

They gave us a menu that only had Malay food item names on it and we couldn't decipher much beyond nasi,goreng, ayam and mie. So, we asked for the picture menu to have a better idea on what we could order.

The Ayam Pandan (2 pieces) (5454 ruppiah, around 78 cents SGD) was moist and bursting with flavour. 

This is the Mi Goreng Jawa (16 363 rupiah, around $2.33 SGD) which was spicy, and we thought pretty much looked like instant noodles. Not too oily, and perfect with the "side dishes" like tomatoes and prawn crackers.

Sate Ayam (5 sticks) (9090 rupiah, around $1.30 SGD) had a peanut sauce that we don't really see in Singapore. It didn't have the humongous amounts of peanuts we normally see but it tasted good nonetheless. I tried googling but couldn't find an answer to the components of the sauce. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Along with a vegetable dish, Sayur Asem (8181 rupiah, around $1.16) and a plain rice, both of us spent 46 496 rupiah (around $6.60). That's like $3.30 per person for all these food! You can choose to sit on chairs or on the floor. A great place with good and cheap food!

Warung Cobain 
Megamall Batam Centre
#UG 311
Batam, Indonesia 


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